Medical Assessments 
& Support after Motor Vehicle Accidents 
in Ontario

  • Specialized Assessments for MVA Cases
  • Psychological Support
  • Holistic Care Approach
  • Impartial Reports for Personal Injury Litigation
  • Trusted by Lawyers

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At JVS Assessment Services, we provide medical evaluations and treatments to support individuals affected by motor vehicle accidents, workplace incidents and more. Your road to recovery starts here.

MVA and workplace incidents can have a longlist of physical, physiological, and emotional impacts on your life and well-being. We are here to support you to navigate the assessments you require including IME, legal/insurance assessments, and worksite assessments.

Independent Medical Evaluation (IME) for all purposes:

  • Psychological Assessment for Adults, Adolescents and Children (3 years old & up)
  • Psychological Med-Legal Assessments for TORT Cases
  • Psycho-Educational Assessment
  • Social Work Assessment and Therapy
  • Independent Psychiatric Evaluation
  • Suicide Risk Assessment
  • Chronic Pain Assessment
  • Functional Abilities Evaluation
  • Orthopedic Assessment
  • Neurological Assessment
  • Neuropsychological Assessment
  • Temporomandibular Joint Assessment (TMJ)

  • MVA: Accident Benefits / Medico-Legal Tort / CAT Assessments 
  • WSIB: Community Mental Health Program
  • Immigration Refugee Assessment and Therapy / Interim Federal Health Program (IFHP)
  • Catastrophic Impairment Determination
  • Pre / Post 104 Income Replacement Benefit (IRB)
  • Future Care Cost Analysis

  • Worksite Assessment
  • Vocational Assessment and Transferable Skills Analysis (TSA)
  • Driver’s Evaluation & Reintegration Program (Driving Anxiety Therapy)
  • Labor Market Survey (LMS)
  • In-Home ADL Assessment (Attendant Care Needs / Form 1)

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Supporting Your Recovery Journey 
After Motor Vehicle Accidents

We understand how difficult a motor vehicle accident can be for all parties involved. That is why our professional physicians are devoted to supporting your journey to recovery by providing:

Specialized Expertise

Our dedicated team of occupational therapists, doctors, psychologists, specialities and other qualified professionals are all fully licensed and certified to offer their expertise.

Comprehensive Psychological Care

We provide in-depth analyses of behavioural functioning, socioemotional processes, and more. We are here to support you from the beginning to end of your claim. 

Seamless Coordination

We easily set up communications between clients and insurance companies. Our services include guiding you through submitting documentation, scheduling and representing your best interests.

Trusted by Legal Professionals

Our team has been long-standing advocates for victims’ rights, and we have the knowledge and experience you’re looking for to support your case. 

Client-Centric Focus

Our services are focused on the best recovery outcome for all patients. This includes providing convenience for our clients – which is why we offer virtual sessions and at-home assessments.

Our services are available in English, Spanish, Farsi, Dari, Italian, Arabic, Russian Urdu, Punjabi, and Hebrew.

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Yes, if you have been injured in a car accident in Ontario, you should go see a doctor for a medical assessment. It is also wise to get a second opinion and seek out additional medical attention and advice from our specialists.

Yes, a small car accident can cause a concussion because if the steering wheel, airbag, window, or any other object in the vehicle makes a direct impact to your head, the sudden impact can cause the brain to shift and slam against the skull. Even if you don’t hit your head at all, you are still at risk of suffering from a concussion.

Yes, it is worth claiming for minor whiplash. It is considered minor whiplash when there are short recovery periods, low medical expenses, minimal verifiable pain and suffering, and no lost wages. Signs and symptoms of a concussion can appear days after the accident take place – upwards of 48 to 72 hours, which means claiming for whiplash is important to do immediately so you can receive the proper recovery compensation you deserve, through physiotherapy and/or paid time off work.

After a car accident, your doctor will give you a physical examination which includes a thorough check for any visible injuries such as bruises, cuts, or deformities. The doctor will also palpate various areas to check for pain or tenderness, which can indicate internal injuries.

A Motor Vehicle Accident (MVA) and a Motor Vehicle Collision (MVC) both refer to a car accident where there’s been an impact between two or more vehicles including cars, SUVs, motorcycles, or trucks. The difference between the two is a MVC specifically is a term often used to suggest the collision could have been prevented and was caused due to some form of illegal action or negligence.

There are many tests that should be performed by a doctor immediately following a motor vehicle accident. These include a physical examination, X-rays, CT scans, MRI’s, blood tests, neurological examinations, electrodiagnostic testing, and follow-up imaging. Our team can set up your appointments and get the treatment you need.

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